The Second Life of Inspector Canessa​

Cutting deep into the dark underbelly of sunny Milan, Perrone’s pacy and intelligent novel charts the ordeals of an ex-Carabinieri pulled back into the world of terrorism, deception and corruption by his estranged brother’s murder.

Annibale Canessa didn’t want to go back to his old life. When everything went wrong in 1984, he traded his brutal, exciting career in the Carabinieri for paradise in San Fruttuoso. He started swimming in the bay at dawn and helping his elderly aunt run a small restaurant. His life was calm. But some shattering news pulls him back in – his estranged brother has been found dead; lying beside him, the body of an ex-terrorist, a man Canessa himself caught. Back in Milan, Canessa must pursue old connections and unsolved crimes, which draw him ever deeper into the underworld he thought he’d left behind…

Made in Italy

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